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A Moses basket – a cozy place for babies to sleep

A Moses basket – a cozy place for babies to sleep

Moses baskets are well decorated cozy and comfy small basket bed for newborn babies to sleep and rest  for the first couple of months. It provides a safe and reassuring confined space for a new born babe. Its elegant decoration and chair like holder creates a chic look for the baby’s room.

Utility of a moses basket

  • It is a comfy and cozy sleeping bed for newborn babies,
  • It created to provide an easy, lightweight choice for mums and dads to move it from one room to another room.
  • It is used for first few months for a new born babe.

How to choose  Moses basket


  • It is fairly easy to store for its lightweight.
  • Moses baskets provided with handles are easy to move around.
  • It rests on floor, or can be raised up with a Moses basket stand.
  • Baby feels comfortable and warm.
  • Fabric hooded Moses basket shades your baby from outdoor light.
  • Cheaper than a baby cot.


  • If your baby learn to pull himself up then it becomes dangerous to keep him in Moses basket.
  • Short-handled Moses baskets are unsuitable for transportation.
  • This non-essential and short termed baby kit causes an extra cost.

Decoration of Moses baskets

Moses baskets are usually made from strong wicker or plastic. Many of them are prepared with cushions and fitted sheets, stylish coverlets and adjustable hoods to keep your baby.

Moses basket stands

Your Moses basket must be placed on the floor, on an even surface – but if you want to higher up your baby, you must purchase a cross legged wooden Moses basket stand. These are usually foldable, easy to store. Some of them can be used to create a rocking Moses basket effect to lull your baby to sleep.

Moses basket bedding

Moses baskets are often equipped with coverlets, and blankets, but do not use all of them simultaneously. Please try to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature.

How to use Moses basket safely

  • Pick the Moses basket up with the holding straps.
  • Check the straps on your Moses basket, if they are long enough to meet in the middle.
  • They should be set down on the floor, and to raise it you should use a Moses basket stand.
  • Regularly check the Moses basket for wear and tear.
  • Don’t use your Moses basket after two to three months of the baby’s birth.
  • Keep your room temperature within 16 to 20C. Use a room thermometer to check the current temperature of the room.
  • Put your baby on his back while sleeping. This is the safest position for your baby to sleep.
  • Small Pillow should be tucked in and must be no higher than your baby’s shoulders.

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