Friday , 12 October 2018

Add more space in your kitchen with Kitchen islands

Add more space in your kitchen with Kitchen islands

Kitchen Island a corner area of the kitchen which is more functional and comfortable to work. It provides you sufficient space and comfort you require while cooking food .It gives you a feeling of farmhouse kitchen where a large table is used for preparation work for cooking. Besides preparing for food, you can use it to sit with family members and enjoy your meals easily. So many activities are done on a regular basis that is the reason finding the right layout for kitchen islands is very crucial.

If you are planning to redesign your kitchen and add  kitchen islands in it. Here are a few points which need to be considered while planning for it:

  • The islands for kitchen are best suited in shapes like L, U and G.If you have a small kitchen area, then plan it wisely because a big island can become a hindrance for easy movement inside the kitchen. Portable islands are best suited for small kitchen area.
  • Include a ventilation hood above the island if you are going to keep cooking top over it. The ventilation will help with elimination of smoke and steam generated during the cooking. Choose the appropriate fan so that it removes the intended smoke only.
  • You can also plan to add a second kitchen on the island, deep enough which can be used to wash pots and utensils easily.
  • Add shelves to the island and storage area under it as it will add more space in the kitchen providing you ample space for proper functionality.
  • It is not mandatory that island material, should match the cabinets and other countertops of the kitchen. Depending on the requirement you need to choose the quality of the material of which the island will be made.
  • Try to maximize natural light in the kitchen, if not possible add a pendulum light above the island to get the proper visibility and enhance the looks of the kitchen area.
  • You can set up the island in any part of the kitchen, but if you are keeping the cook top over it you should plan it in the center of the kitchen.

Choose a design which increases the functionality of the kitchen not only the looks. If proper planning and research is done before actually getting it designed the island will be part of your kitchen for several years. Read latest magazines to gather ideas about latest trends in the kitchen designing. You can gather information from internet where the ideas are displayed in the form of picture galleries and you can choose the best one as per your requirement only.

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