Saturday , 3 November 2018

Bathroom color ideas 2019

Bathroom color ideas 2019

Some of the latest bathroom color ideas are:

Light Tones: If your bathroom is small chose lighter shades to make the area look bigger .Colors like pink, light blue, pale or golden will be perfect.

Deep Colors: You should choose deep colors like deep red or maroon , brown only if your bathroom size is huge .It will help in getting a more collective look .But make sure only one wall should be of dark color not all otherwise it will look dull.

Blue: It is the most popular color used in the bathrooms which is larger than life and inspiration for any type of person.

Green: It is best suited for eco loving people who love soothing colors .Green color is relaxing for eyes.

If you are among those who do not love to experiment much you should opt for white color for your bathroom a safe choice for any type of bathroom area. There are some other options to choose like red, orange, peach and many more. You should always take a trial on the small portion of the wall of the bathroom to get an idea about look.

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