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Change the look of kitchen area with unique kitchen colours

Change the look of kitchen area with unique kitchen colours

Colour plays a vital role in enhancing the looks and appearance of people, things, rooms or a house. So while choosing the colour theme of walls for your bedroom, kitchen or living area you need to choose it very wisely. Colour is an important element of your kitchen and bathroom’s appearance as a nice colour theme in the kitchen will make it a livelier place of the house and more appealing to the eyes. Mismatched colour can ruin the entire theme of the kitchen area. It influences the mood other kitchen area like red colour in the kitchen can increase the pulse rate or breathing rate while increasing the appetite. Yellow colour will make people happy and brighten up the kitchen area.

Colour selection can influence the look of the kitchen while can influence how small or large your kitchen is. Manufacturers offer a huge range and variety of options to the buyers to choose a colour theme for the cabinets, appliances, floor tiles, etc. Some of the best shades in the kitchen area are brown, peach, yellow, blue, etc.. Some themes are in trend for a short period of time, but some of the colours are in trend since ages. You can choose one base theme colour and choose the cabinet colour or tile colour according to its.

White is a popular kitchen colour which is used by homeowners to get a clean look in the area. But one disadvantage of using this colour in the kitchen is that is can get dirty very easily and look cold and sterile. This is the reason, experts advise you to use one more colour with the white theme if chosen.

You can use below mentioned tips while selecting the kitchen colours of your choice to get a perfect look.

  • Split the colour theme between 60-30-10 of three shades of colours in the entire kitchen area. 60 % is the dominant colour shade whereas 30% and 10% is for cabinets and flooring.
  • To get more variety in looks you can use various tints or tones of colour to get a unique look.
  • You can use neutral colour coordinated with one dark colour in the kitchen area.
  • Light colours combined with natural or artificial lights in the kitchen can create a clean and brighter look without much effort.

You can collect ideas from magazines specialized in interior designing or from newspapers. You can even visit houses of people who are famous for their unique style statement and choice.

Internet is also a great source to gather ideas about kitchen colours and choose the best one as per your kitchen area. Always remember that you need to choose the theme depending on your kitchen area.

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