Friday , 12 October 2018

Choosing proper kitchen lights

Choosing proper kitchen lights

The efficiency and comfort of the kitchen highly depends on the kitchen lights. Proper lighting in the kitchen contributes towards the delicacy of a meal and also prevents accidents which may sometimes be fatal. Therefore, it is important to select the most suitable kitchen lights.

There are three kinds of kitchen lights:

  • Task lights

These kitchen lights are installed directly above a designated work station to illuminate the work area. For instance places for using the chopping board, cooking, sink areas among others.

Task lighting can be installed under cabinets and shed light on a specific area. Hanging pendant lights from the ceiling is another way of installation, especially if the task area is at the centre of the room. Another option is to directly recess the lights into the ceiling directly above the task areas.

  • Ambient lights

Placed centrally in the room, this type of light is powerful enough to reach all the areas of the kitchen, including kitchen tables, in cabinets, in the fridge and the sink areas. The light diffuses in the room illuminating most of the kitchen areas.

  • Accent lights

These kitchen lights are used to illuminate special pieces in the kitchen that would catch the eye, for instance a beautiful painting or a unique architectural feature. These lights are usually placed above kitchen cabinets if the ceiling is high, otherwise the ceiling is preferred. The bulbs used are usually small in size, low voltage with not so bright elimination.

While setting up the lighting system in the kitchen, it is advisable to install the different types of kitchen lights in separate circuits. This ensures more control and saves money too.

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