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Classy Country style furniture

Classy Country style furniture

Have you ever thought that a contemporary country style décor was out of reach? Think again! Breathe new life into your home with the great range of contemporary country and rustic charm style.

Country style furniture made by country craftsmen, varying from purely functional pieces, amateurs to expertly constructed and carved work based on luxurious furniture made for the rich.  Much country furniture is naive, with the best of such examples falling into the category of folk art.


The furniture is sturdy, rarely delicate in design or workmanship, and restricted in its types. Decoration may be confined to turning (shaping on a lathe), low-relief carving, or painting. More sophisticated decoration such as parquetry or gilding is not found on this type of furniture. Country furniture bore many of the same characteristics for centuries, for styles changed slowly and lingered long after they had been dropped in fashionable furniture.

It is often marked by local characteristics determined by materials locally available, by local crafts, and sometimes by the influence of sophisticated urban styles. The Windsor chair is one of the best-known examples of country furniture. It is probably in France that country, or provincial, furniture, which assumed marked regional characteristics, reached its highest level of development. Far from being naive in character, much of it is an inventive but simplified version of the fashionable styles created in Paris.

Color palette comfort

The country style furniture and decor can be light and airy or warm and cozy. The furniture color palette tends toward more muted earth tones with splashes of bright color accents — deep blues, rich reds and sunshine yellow. All about comfort, rolled arm country style slip covered furniture and printed fabrics combine to create an inviting interior.  Borrowing a note from the past, the country painted cottage furniture has distressed and rubbed painted wood surfaces, reclaimed wood farmhouse furniture and spacious planked top farm tables are all part of our collections.

Rolled arm country style

To decorate your home use a Rustic wood floors, wood ceiling beams, English pine furniture and a horse painting lend an air of elevated European country style to this light-filled living room, or else white-painted floorboards and country-style furniture in a neutral palette complement the room’s beautiful period features. And a lovely vintage cabinet repainted and it brings a new look to the piece. You would love to own something like this. To give a relaxed French Country feel; stick with similar reds for mixing patterns…and the world’s your oyster!; painted white furniture and echoes of grain sack stripes make the best of this bold red quilted throw; Red will make you smile every day!

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