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Comfortable Counter Stool for various uses of the people

Comfortable Counter Stool for various uses of the people

A Counter stool is a chair which is stylish and has a foot rest in it. Most commonly such fittings are used in Bars or pubs. Of late, they are used even in kitchens and home bars.  There are bar stools as well, which closely resemble counter stools both in appearance and utility. The only dissimilarity between them is the height. The counter stool usually comes in 24-26 inches, whereas the other one comes in 30-32 inches. There will be 8-12 inch gap between the top of the stool and the bottom of the table which gives maximum comfort to the users since it is shorter than the other one. In short the ones used in the kitchens are counter stools and the ones used in bars are bar stools. Some of them have a backrest and others don’t have it. But most commonly they are armless chairs which make them distinct from other embellishments. These fixtures are made of metal or wood.

There are different varieties of stools available, from which one can pick the rug which best suits his/her own choice and taste. There are banquet, slip covered, adjustable, and Swivel stools. The banquet ones are used at banquets or wedding. They provide comfortable 500 pounds seating capacity and have a metal body. They come in different colors and have a bumper guard and seamless back panels. Thick cushions with which they are made of, gives unparalleled comfort. They are made for commercial use and are cheap. When things are put to constant use, wear and tear occurs and costs a pretty penny for replacements. Rugs generally get spoilt after a big party or by children. An ideal way to get rid of this problem is to use a slip cover for these ottomans. A slip cover is made of vinyl on the top of which different kinds of beautiful logos or designs are printed. They can be easily removed and washed and put to use for a long time. Plastic bands are attached to it to hold the covers over the cushions.

Adjustable stools as the name indicates is a stool which can be adjusted to suit the height of the users. It is convenient for kids because these stools grow with the child. These accessories can be used either as counter stools or bar stools. It has a 330 pounds capacity, which is slightly lesser than the banquet ones. There will be many drawers or file racks in an office which the employees have to access many times in a day. Swivel or revolving stools help them to turn 360 degrees, making them an ideal office accessory.

Thus, these furniture satisfies the varying needs of the people. Before buying them it is always better to have an idea about the different styles of such fitments and the purpose for which the money is invested.

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