Monday , 24 September 2018

Cool Painting Ideas to make walls talk

Cool Painting Ideas to make walls talk

Building castles will be of no use unless it is made to look gorgeous with some attractive paints. It is the cheapest way to add beauty to any home. One need not have extensive knowledge of painting. But there are certain things which everybody has to know because the walls are the reflection of owner’s inner personality. It speaks volumes about one’s taste and character. Bright colors can be used in smaller rooms and dark colors for bigger rooms. Commonly bright colors will make the room look bigger and darker colors will increase the depth of the room. Cool paintings can arouse the inner feelings of human beings. They can even change the mood of the people.

Cool painting ideas:

Instead of the normal white paint a combination of paint colors can be tried. It will be a great idea to make the walls look like a painting by using a combination of different colors. Wave design may be used which goes well with any décor of the room. Geometrical shapes, typographic designs or even numbers may be used to make the wall absolutely stunning. Modern people make their imaginations at work and find out innovative and creative ideas to makeover their rooms. For instance, it would be a novel thought to paint some famous quote in the office meeting room or a welcoming note in the living room which will make the entrants glad and sometimes even inspires them. A rational combination of dark red and dove white will make anybody to wonder looking at the beauty of the walls. Walls of a bedroom may be painted with floral designs or even a forest mural can be a unique and a new thought which catches anybody’s attention. What can be more attractive than a water falls wall mural which undoubtedly robs anybody’s heart? Horizontal, vertical or zigzag stripes can do away with the dull look of any room. Painting the walls with different shades of a particular color gradually making it white on the top will be a different way to paint the walls. If there are four walls in a bedroom each wall can be painted with a different color. In case of a kitchen it should be painted with a calm color which will ease up the mood of the people. The secret behind that is the fact that the kitchen is the busiest of all rooms in a house. It is a popular belief that red color builds a fire under stomach. But it should be painted along with some other cool color to avoid the room look darker altogether.

In short, a single color or a combination of colors can be used which will give a handsome look to the rooms of the house. One should be cautious enough to avoid paints will give a cramped feeling. On the flip side, it should create an illusion of larger rooms and a favorable impact on people.

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