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Decorate the unused basement area with correct basement paint colors

Decorate the unused basement area with correct basement paint colors

Have decided to change your basement into a useful part of the house by converting it into extra bedroom for guests or kids. You can use that area for the entertainment and many more. But before redesigning or decoring you should research well in advance to check which waterproofing method is the best. You can protect your basement from any leakage is with the help of correct painting. Always choose waterproof basement paint to get durability in the room for years. The correct type of painting helps in saving money as these methods are inexpensive and a solution for several years for the home owners.

If you are planning to do it at your own then the type of paint is very crucial as it should be a sealer for leakage on the walls. You can apply the paint very easy without any expertise with the help of any good roller or a spray. You will be surprised to know about the variety of products available in the market to make your basement waterproof .Always read the label of the products in detail to understand their usage and purpose in painting. Always check whether the products you are using are beneficial for addressing the water issues in your basement area.

The material from which walls are made up of are Cement which is porous and water can overflow from it very easily. With the use of waterproof paint you can keep basement free from any leakage problem. It will keep the area away from high humidity and mildew which are very common problems in the basement.

Right basement paint colors on the walls can complete the look of the area, but while choosing the color always keep in mind that the basement is a very dark area of the house so right color selection is very important. The color selection will decide whether the basement will be a new and existing room of the house or not. Some of the colors recommended by the experts are:

  • Black: Usually the black color is considered for darkness but it helps in absorbing light which prevents to basement to become a depressing place.
  • Red: It creates a sense of warmth and stimulates energy which is exciting for the person staying in it.
  • White: It is opposite of black and reflects light, making the room look bigger and larger, but always remember that white colored walls are prone to scraping and marking.
  • Orange: It has similar characteristics of red and helps in making the room lively while creating a warm and welcoming look.
  • Blue: It helps in calming the nervous system and softens the bright rooms .The lighter shade helps in peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • Yellow: It is a color t creates cheerful and stimulating effect in the room. Light shades help in making room feel larger.

You can use combination of basement paint colors to get a perfect look of the basement area.

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