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Decorate your house with elegant furniture: Go for shabby chic furniture

Decorate your house with elegant furniture: Go for shabby chic furniture

Furniture and furnishing is what makes house a home. You have all the freedom to decorate your home with whatever type of furnishing you want. Day by day styles have evolved; modern day homes are pretty much different than old, traditional ones both in terms of people as well as décor. Furniture is a thing that man needed since he learned to be man. It normally consists of wooden or any other type of  chairs, desk or tables, cupboards, shelves for books or other items, sofas, couches, wardrobes, beds, stools, dinner tables and chairs and many other multitudes of things. Nowadays furniture is not just an option, 21st century has evolved people into modern and classy ones. Now furniture is all about taste, elegance and décor. It says a lot about the people living in a particular house.

Furniture can be classified accordingly. It can be classified according to its use, shape, material, look and age. There are many types of furniture available like of wood, plastic steel, furniture for storage purposes, for seating, for lying, for entertainment and many others. Modern classy furniture often called as contemporary one has given a way to complete different furniture based on shabby chic style. Actually shabby chic is a type of furniture that is produced by a process called a distressing to acquire a traditional or antique form of furniture. Distressing is the process in which a piece of craft is made to look weathered or a little older. In simple terms it involves giving a particular thing like a piece of furniture a perfect antique look. So that type of furniture obtained through the process of distressing is called as shabby chic furniture.

Shabby chic furnishing has evolved into the most popular type of furnishing loved by the contemporary and modern people. The style of shabby chic first evolved in Great Britain in 17 or 18th century. Since then it has been adopted by many countries and went through many changes in the style.  Buying new shabby chic furnishing for your home can be a little expensive. But it is not always necessary that you have to buy it from the market, you can make your own shabby chic pieces to give your home a perfect and a stylish modern yet traditional look. You need to choose a perfect piece for the distress work. Start painting your furniture piece but keep in the mind the type of the color to be applied. The color you choose should be contrasting with the room envirionment. Nowadays white, cream or off-white is much popular than others. The piece is of the furniture undergoes the process of sanding to sand off the upper layer to get a nice antique look.

This type of furniture is considered to the trendiest furniture that gives your home an elegant, classy and a warm look. Use of shabby chic furnishing gibes your home a posh look. Above all who doesn’t like to be a resident of a house with rich and elegant look?

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