Friday , 12 October 2018

Design office spaces that promote comfort and health

Design office spaces that promote comfort and health

Working on office furniture design can be a challenging task. There are whole lot of parameters that need to be considered especially the ergonomic factor that relate to proper seating arrangements

With majority of time spent in office these days lot of stress is laid on office furniture design. The whole ergonomics factor is taken into considered. It’s more of science now than art to decide, design and develop office fixtures. Emphasis is now on coming out with a range that promotes healthy postures while at work.

So much time spent sitting on the chair and in front of the laptops or desktops that chairs have to be designed to provide better back and arm rest. Even tables are made of certain specified height so that it balances out the sitting position. Proper cushions are made to offer comfort and right posture.

There are many styles of office furniture design it can be anywhere from modern, contemporary, traditional to European. Based on the location and the type of the work to be done furniture can be decided upon. For a corporate workplace fixtures would be elegant, simple and sophisticated whereas if it’s creative business there is lot of trendy stuff to play around with.

Essential furniture that is part of most work places is desks, chairs, tabletops, storage, cabinets and book or file cases. Increasingly bean bags are also been used along with soft boards and other accessories. Reception area furniture will be different from main office cubicles to the ones in conference or board rooms. Office furniture design takes into account all these factors while deciding on the type of products to be used in the work station.

The fashion of having modular furniture is gaining lot of attention. These ready to use fixtures are easy to assemble and maintain. The best aspect is that one can dismantle and reassemble them in case of relocation. There is a wide range of colour schemes, designs and patterns that are offered in modular range. These can be washed with soap and water which is one of the biggest advantages. Many commercial places are using this type of office furniture design that is customised to the core. It does not get worn out or get infested from pest which happens with wooden furniture designs.

Office furniture design concept has evolved and matured a lot in last couple of decades. Now most of them hire professional furniture designers and architect firms to help in deciding design aspect of the work area. It has become important to provide a healthy working culture and furniture is significant factor in it. A good office furniture design will ensure better productivity and working environment contributing in the success of the commercial entity.

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