Saturday , 3 November 2018

Design the under stairs storage effectively to maximize the looks

Design the under stairs storage effectively to maximize the looks

Most of us lives in the houses with shrink floor area and less pace to store things easily. The space under the stairs is usually underutilized and used to keep items like shoes or items which are not used very frequently. The problem starts when the area becomes the dumping ground of the house and looks very messy .Irrespective of the size of the house, families complain about the storage shortage and no idea to keep the things organized easily.

A simple solution for every house owner problem is to use this space as a storage space by converting it into convenient and valuable area of the house.

While improving the look focus more on the storage options with the help of angled doors which can be fixed to cover the area beautifully. You can also use panels instead of doors too. Hire an interior designer if you are short of ideas or time.

If you are looking for some ideas to improve the looks of the under stairs storage area, then these below mentioned home improvement points will definitely help you:

  • Select a reputable company from your area which will design the exact doors as per the measurement of the area while keeping in mind the look of the under storage area too.
  • Consider the area in the hallway for the door opening space .You can use some hinge doors or fold able doors if you have limited space for the doors. The hallway should not be blocked once the door is opened to use the storage space.
  • Measure the area from all parameters like height , width and length of the area to calculate the exact available space and how to utilize it effectively.
  • You can use the shutters to cover the area if you do not have space to open the doors in the hallway

You can get it designed in the form of shelves where you can keep shoes or other extra items easily covered inside the doors without looking messy. Those who have a small kitchen area and the stairs are near the kitchen it can be used as an additional storage space to keep kitchen items safely without over storage the items in the kitchen. You can design the area in the form of drawers to keep the kids toys or other items which they are not using regularly.

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