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Exquisite Ensuite Bathrooms

Exquisite Ensuite Bathrooms

An ensuite bathroom is one that opens directly into the bedroom which is usually master bedroom. It offers the luxury of completing one’s daily routines in the vicinity of the bedroom. Brushing or flushing will only be at a few feet reach. Besides this, an ensuite bathroom offers privacy to a couple or a teenager. One need not wait in a queue to perform their ablutions and take turns in a family. An attached bathroom offers the luxury of coming out of one’s bedroom after completing all the toiletries’.

An Ensuite bathroom is An Ideal Bathroom

A bathroom is a place of relief. All unwanted things from our body including tension and worries are to be relieved. A fitted bathroom should be such a place. It should look spacious and well designed. It should be equipped with all the amenities that are essential for a bathroom. Design, placement and space management are needed to make an integral bathroom an exquisite one.

Space Management in a joint bathroom

Entering a spacious bathroom is always a wonderful experience. It is a mark of luxury. However, most of the adjoining bathrooms are small and the average size of an adjacent bathroom is 2.5 sq.m. Therefore, it is important to manage the limited space in an attached bathroom. Creating space through design can be a viable option. Large floor tiles and wall tiles can create a spacious illusion. A full length mirror covering one side of the bathroom and placing focus lights strategically gives a grand and spacious look to an such a . Real space management can be done by choosing cisterns built into the walls, single wash basins with drawers attached below it. Hidden compartments behind the mirror of the wash basin can hold a lot of toiletries. Finishing the design with frameless glass paneled shower stall would give an elegant look to the bathroom.


Looks are one thing in a bathroom, but it is all about the amenities and their placements that make an ordinary bathroom into an exquisite bathroom. A flawlessly finished ceramic wash basin with a lot of table space would definitely give a person a satisfying hand wash or a shave. A well placed shower stall of glass would give the space and the luxury of an energizing and refreshing shower. A classy closet with a hidden cistern would make one’s routines comfortable. The pleasing colors and strategically placed lighting would never fail to give an ethereal experience while using the bathroom.

An adjacent bathroom is no more a luxury in the present day. Every villa or even an apartment house boasts of such bathrooms for each bedroom. Therefore, it is not the question of the presence of a bathroom; it is all about the luxurious feel that the bathroom can offer at an affordable budget.

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