Friday , 12 October 2018

Funky and classic game room décor

Build the ultimate gaming retreat in your home! From pool and ping pong to poker tables and sports team décor all the game room furniture and decorations you need make your home the central gathering place for every game night.

Game room furniture

Anchor your game room with your gaming table of choice: a pool table with low hanging lighting, a poker table with matching chairs and recessed drink holders, or an air hockey table sporting the logo of your favorite sports team. Then install your bar furniture on one end, and build out from there.

If pool is your game we have the perfect billiards table for your game room. From bar length to full length, with drop pockets or ball return, our collection of pool tables has the one that’s perfect for your game room. And don’t forget to check out our selection of pool table lighting fixtures to add the perfect atmosphere to your billiards room.

A faced-paced addition to any game room should have carry hockey table in a variety of sizes and styles. From simple tabletop units to full competitive tables, if speed and reflexes are your game room distraction of choice, air hockey is the game for you.

Pool ping pong to poker

Ping pong or table tennis, it’s a classic game room game. It has a variety of styles of ping pong tables, from full folding game tables to legless tabletops that can be set on an existing surface.

Some game rooms centre on games of reflex and physical ability, and others revolve around games of chance and misdirection. A perfect poker table provides more than a playing surface; it is a central piece of game room furniture that draws the eye, provides ample space for each player, and provides a safe area for drinks that won’t damage the playing surface. Simple and small four-person poker tables to oval tables sized to accommodate large groups of players.


No game room is complete without a dart board hanging on the wall of traditional and electronic dart boards with plastic and metal tipped darts. For the total game room experience buy a dart board cabinet set, which can give an authentic bar feel, and can also come customized with the logo of your favorite sports team.

Basement game rooms often accompany a game room bar as a full selection of bar furniture, including simple and elaborate home bars and bar sets that include storage for drinks and bar glasses. The bar is the piece of game room furniture that people will gather around, so make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate the size of your typical gatherings, and has enough open space around it so that they are doesn’t end up feeling crowded.

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