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Furnish Your Bathroom with Designer Bathroom Shelf

Furnish Your Bathroom with Designer Bathroom Shelf

If you are fighting with the storage problems, then installing shelves would be the best solution. Shelves have become the need of a bathroom. To place shampoo, soap, and other bathing products, you probably need a cabinetry.

Just look around your bathroom and figure out, where you can install cabinetry or a storage rack. Bathroom shelves can range from the simple to a decorative one. There are many designs and varieties that can give functional yet designer bathroom furniture.

In addition, you do not need to worry about the budget, as it both serves expensive and cheap variety. Itcan be made of wood and glass. While buying, ensure that the color and design of shelf coordinate the theme of the bathroom. Also go with durable and water resistant cabinetry.

Consider some types of bathroom shelves:

Bathroom glass shelves:

Glass shelves look extremely elegant, if installed properly. You may either glass shelf or can go with the stylish single mirror bathroom cabinetry. It imparts an aesthetic look to any bathroom. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Thethickness of shelf makes it easily customizable according to the desired look.

Open shelves:

This is the most common and often used to place grooming products, so that you can find all the things at one place. Keep a basket in the self, to place cotton bolls and hair oil.

A storage system attached with the towel racks:

It both facilitate with a storage system and hanger. This open shelf givesa facility to place bathroom product and a hanger to place your clothes. It is good to place a towel rack to avoid the wet towel and other washed clothes from being piled up on the floor.

Wooden shelves:

This is one of the most popular choices, and a perfect solution to store small items. But it should get direct contact with water, so place it where water cannot reach to it. Whether your bathroom is small or large, wooden shelves will help you add space and stay organized.

A cabinetry design:

Some products need safety, so it is good to pack a shelf with doors. So, choose a cabinetry that can product your stuffs and products. Most often they are made of wood.

Wall mounted shelves:

With it, you can mix and match various shelves and brackets. They give a trendy look to an ordinary bathroom. These are available both in the wood and glass.

Wicker bathroom shelves:

This sort of furniture is suitable almost all kinds of bathroom set ups. You should decorate these shelves with the bathroom theme. It serves many design and color scheme, such as green, pink, blue, yellow, etc.

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