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Get a classy and elegant look with Vintage living room

Get a classy and elegant look with Vintage living room

Vintage style is creating a lot of buzz among the homeowners. Old styled furniture with a rustic look completes the vintage style of look easily. The style seems costly, but in reality it is not about cost it is about searching for the best and uniquely crafted art pieces for your living room. You can get the vintage look perfectly by selecting the right type of furniture along with perfectly coordinated accessories. Use your creativity and imagination to create a true reflection of your personality and taste in the living room of the house.

If you are planning to design your vintage living room, here are some few tips which will be helpful in getting the perfect theme and look for the room easily.

  • Statement Wallpaper: While creating a vintage style you should create a focal point in the living room which should not also over power the other items available in the room. Wallpaper is the easiest way to create a vintage look perfect with fun and striking papers available in different colors and designs.Geo print or tartan print, can help you in bringing the perfect look and creating interest to your wall.
  • Rustic Furniture: The rustic style of furniture is best suited to create vintage living room .You need to bring brickwork or natural wooden work affect in the room with the help of natural features and rustic styled furniture. Wooden shelves and plaques can also enhance the look of the furniture without making drastic changes.
  • Mirrors: It is believed that no style of room décor is complete without mirrors in it. If you want to create a magical vintage look in the living room without spending much on the expensive accessories the best idea is to hand different style or shape of mirrors in the room.
  • Accessories: Accessories help in completing a particular theme chosen to decorate the room. When planning to add vintage accessories in the living room you need to think out of the box such as add a lamp made up of funnel or chose retro fabric for cushions .Consider minute details like lamp shades, color of the lights in the room which should be helpful in creating a perfect vintage look easily.

You can easily find the vintage furniture and accessories from museums, craft shops and trade fairs where artists sell their uniquely crafted items to the art lovers. You can buy the items from online stores where sellers are selling the items crafted by various artists of different locations across the globe. You can use your creativity to decorate the room otherwise magazines are a great source to collect ideas. Visit image gallery on the internet to gather ideas about vintage décor theme.

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