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Get the extensive storage idea for small bedroom

Get the extensive storage idea for small bedroom

We face a lot of problem in handling the materials in our small house. Because of the space constraint, storage area is vanishing day by day. But due to smart ideas provided by the designers we can use our small bedroom for storage. It’s cumbersome to mix up sleeping with materials spilled around you. Therefore we have to be very innovative in creating storage space in our small bedrooms. Kindly read the following to get a better insight into the problems of storage in small bedroom.

Below the bed:

The space below the bed is really large and unutilized. The unutilized space under the bed becomes heaven for small rodents and has to be cleaned daily. So, the best solution to your under bed problems are to convert it into a storage unit. We can store clothes (old or new), bed sheets, curtains and accessories which are seasonal in use. For example, we can store our winter clothes when not required. Lots of designs are available in the market which helps to provide you with storage systems under your bed.

Divide your shelves:

For smaller bedrooms we have to think accordingly. We have to take into consideration about the wardrobes that are to be used in our small bedrooms. It is always suggested, “to design your closet accordingly, like the amount of things to be stored in it”. One can divide the closet systematically based upon the requirements. If we want to keep our well ironed clothes in the upper half of the closet then it should be fitted with rods, so that we can hang the clothes with help of hangers. The lower half can be divided into two sections, one for the shoes and other for the bigger clothes. In this way by properly dividing our closet we can get maximum storage space in our small bedroom.

Higher the roof more the space:

If the horizontal space is decreasing, we can use the vertical space. We can fit the vertical walls over our head with racks which can be used well for storage of books, unutilized items like clothes, briefcase etc. If we want something to be kept away from the sight of the guests then it can be closed with a sliding door. Moreover we can also keep the dvd player, music system, pushed inside the wall vertically, as it can be operated with remote controls.

Fold it for more space:

Folding beds are really a very big option nowadays, as the folded bed gets lost into the wall creating a big horizontal space. The space left out after folding beds can be filled with folded tables and chairs as a mini living room. The area can also be used for aerobics or yoga.

No matter how small our bed rooms might be but we can increase the storage space by innovative ideas.

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