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How to maintain rustic log furniture?

How to maintain rustic log furniture?

If you want to know how to maintain rustic log furniture, this article can be of great help. This article will provide you enough information to give you some ideas on how to maintain rustic log furniture

Rustic log furniture is a good option for you if you want to get a rustic and rural feel for your home. This type of furniture gives you a more relaxed and natural feeling when compared to other types of furniture. It is available for both indoor and outdoor use.

The log furniture is not only a great option for traditional home designs but also looks great in modern home designs since the furniture is made from various species of wood.One of the inspiring things about this type of furniture is that they are made of good quality logs that are aged at least 2 years to have natural bends, curves and drying cracks.

It is not just enough to buy and decorate your home with log furniture. Like any other furniture, rustic furniture also requires regular maintenance so as to make it look beautiful ever and durable. Regular maintenance of this furniture is very importance as this type of furniture can split after time. You must understand that this type of furniture can get damaged over time as the log will crack, shrink and split when water in the wood slowly evaporates. Hence, you must give importance in regular maintenance of this furniture.

The best way to maintain rustic log furniture is to seal the furniture using any good sealant such as sanding sealer or polyurethane varnish. Sealing is done to trap the moisture within the wood in order to prevent splitting. Before choosing a sealant for your furniture, ensure to know about the different types of sealants available in the market and about the sealant which will perfectly work with the finish of your log furniture.

Oil based sealer can give a slight tint to the wood while water based sealer will dry clearly. Sanding sealer is generally good for log designed furniture. In case, you are using polyurethane varnish ensure to know what has to be done before applying it on your furniture as it can affect the color of your wood.

You can perform a regular maintenance of your log furniture by dusting it and vacuum cleaning it. Ensure that you do not use water for cleaning it. Keep in mind that well-sealed log furniture can last longer for several periods of years when compared to unsealed log furniture.

With the tips given above, you can just relax. Because maintaining your rustic log furniture is not that difficult. You can browse through the internet for knowing details about the different types of sealants available for log furniture. You can also browse for choosing the best sealant for your log furniture. You can even get more ideas on how to maintain your log furniture regularly and easily.

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