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How to make small living room look spacious and beautiful

How to make small living room look spacious and beautiful

A living room is one where we spent most of our time watching television, talking to friends or family members and sometime for relaxing with a book or with nothing. It is really an essential part of our house. We can’t ignore our living room and let it give a wayward look. As the house spaces have shrunk so are our living rooms. But we can do some planning to make our living room really lively.

Proper Positioning:

It is indeed really important to place the furniture’s and other items of a living room accordingly. We can keep the big sofa at the centre point of the living room occupying more space. The other items like small chairs,the dining table and the drapes can be positioned aside the sofa. As the living room space is small, we have to position it like a small box, so as to keep it filled with well positioned objects but just enough to leave some space for little movements.

Size Matters:

We have to take into consideration about the size of the furniture’s used in living rooms. Since there is a space constraint, therefore the size of the furniture has to be taken into consideration. For small living rooms we can go for medium sized and not bulky furniture’s to be left with some extra space.A table at the centre surrounded by some trendy looking chairs will magnify the beauty of a small living room.

Use your walls:

If your living room is small but you are blessed with large walls or long walls, then it’s a boon. You can use the walls by pasting it with some modern art work. By doing so you can attract the attention of the guests to the art works and they will be giving less importance to the size of the living room. The walls can also be painted by some artists from your family or by an outsider. You can take advantage of your long walls to fit it with some beautiful and lovely chandeliers or wind chimes.


If your living room is small and at the corner of the house then it can be utilized for decorating with furniture’s of large size. Due to the large size of the sofa the room looks really large.  Some time the corners of the house are left out as an unattended place or ignored. We can utilize the corners of the house for small living rooms.


We all have been to aerobic classes or gymnasium where the mirrors are fitted to make the small room look bigger.We are going to utilize the same technique to make our living room look bigger. Mirrors can be placed near the wall reflecting the bigger size of the living room.

This is how we can make our living room really lively and trendy.

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