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Let’s beautify our dining rooms with elegant dining room sets

Let’s beautify our dining rooms with elegant dining room sets

It is said that “A family that eats together stays together”. Modern and traditional age has witnessed the wide use of dining tables and chairs for the purpose of eating together. Traditionally it was a room held separate from kitchen but nowadays it is built adjacent to kitchen

What is a dining room?

Basically a dining room is considered to be a place that one uses to consume food. In past high class, like of nobility, people organized a feat in a great lobby or a hall. The big hall or lobby consisted of a large beautiful table and a lot of chairs to accommodate large number of family members. Later this tradition went from a hall to a parlor and then finally to a sophisticated and small dining room. Typically dining room sets consist of large or a small dining table and dining chairs associated with the table.

Dining table:

Dining tables are an essential part of a dining room. A dining table is precisely used for having meals like; breakfast or dinner, by the persons seated on the chairs adjacent to it. There are many types of dining tables around depending on one’s taste and need. These tables can be used both for dining as well as the best kind of decorative. Dining tables give an elegant look to the dining room. One should choose wisely before buying a dining table. Types of tables available around:

  • Round type of dining table: these tables are round in shape. Many round tables nowadays come with a single pedestal or base so you get more space beneath and the table is not overcrowded with leg support. Round tables are normally small and don’t take a lot of space in the room
  • Oval tables: these are mainly traditional in type often made with high quality wood. You can also fine new versions of oval styled dining tables in furniture store but the traditional ones can only be found in auctions or property sale.
  • Rectangular: these kinds of tables are mostly large in size and cover a large area in the room. Most suitable for large families or gatherings or feats.
  • Square tables: These dining tables give an elegant contemporary look. This type of table is more modern in look and is also preferred over the rectangular or round one. This can also be used as one of the decorative piece. It comes in various materials and shapes depending on one’s taste.

Dining chairs:

Dining chairs are also one of the important features of a dining room, they complete the whole setup. Dining chairs are used as a seat to sit and have a meal on the dining table. Contemporary market provides you with a large variety and type in the dining chairs like;

  • Chairs with arms.
  • Metal chairs
  • Wood chairs
  • Plastic chairs
  • Side chairs
  • Wicker type of chairs

Dining chairs vary in material and styles across the globe.

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