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Modern Bathrooms To Make Feel Heavenly

Modern Bathrooms To Make Feel Heavenly

The Bathroom is very special portion of any home. A bathroom is more than a room, not for today, it was from an early age of the world. Even, history says that the bathroom has a vital effect on the society, from an ancient age. Now, it still plays an important role in our daily life style, health issues and so many problems.

What are the important parts of a perfect bathroom

A good beautiful bathroom has some qualities that should maintain. Firstly,  the bathroom should be kept very clean and hygienic. The atmosphere should be pleasant and relaxing. The air should be fresh all the time. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep his or her bathroom clean and refresh. The comes  the essential commodities  in a bathroom. As the number of the items increases, its usability and the performance of a bathroom also increases.  The mostly needed things in a perfect bathroom can be – a very fine taps, good water supply system, drainage system, enough light and some good disinfectant. These are the basic and for most requirements of a bathroom. It is the necessary part of a bathroom. Then comes the luxury part of a bathroom,which means  the interior designs, selection of things and models, Items for multi-purpose use.

The Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom design basically concentrated on the overall look of the place.The there are two types of design. One is Contemporary design and another is Modern design. But  now  days, the design  focuses on temporary design. So, it is believed that both are same . But, it is not the truth.

The idea of the new generation bathroom came from the western region of the world. There are some key special features of  the bathroom. Those are followings

  • The first thing that should be in mind, that is the need and requirement of the owner. That means the size, location, number of windows
  • The ambience should be hygienic.

The design of the modern  bathroom must be  done in scientific way such as,

  • The basin should be placed on the left wall with a mirror after the opening of the door.
  • The fanlight window must be placed on the north or the south wall, if possible.
  • The shower and the bath taps must be placed at the middle of the long wall.
  • The bathtub must be placed at the middle of the room after clearing minimum 1.5 foot span from the toilet seat.
  • The gizar must be placed on the upper side in a corner of the room

The Modern bathroom follows all these rules, which make it more useable and enjoyable.

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