Saturday , 3 November 2018

Modern Kitchens to suit the changing lifestyle

Modern Kitchens to suit the changing lifestyle

The kitchen is the most important room in a house. It is the place where energy gets generated. The food, energizes the body, soul and mind. It is very important to keep this place spic and span no matter what is the design and size of the cooking room. Till recently kitchens were isolated from the rest of the rooms in a house because people believed that guests should be entertained in a living room. Of late it has become a fashion to receive the guests and comfort them in the kitchens. Even modern kitchens have a pet nook where the pets come and have their food.

Modern kitchen ideas

A kitchen with white ceramic tiles and oak cabinets is a good way to decorate it. It should also have a brown granite counter top to suit the color of the cabinets. The cabinets can be either opened or closed. To add to the beauty of the room one can think of gray color backsplash with some floral designs. The kitchen island can have a deep stainless steel sink with the same granite worktop. Generally there are two different shapes for modern kitchens. They are either L-shaped or U-shaped rooms. Different styles have to be tried to suit both the shapes. How would anybody appreciate if a small kitchen has black tiles with closed wooden cabinets and hanging shelves to hold utensils? It would be even better to have windows behind the shelves to let in fresh air. In the center one can place a medium sized dining table and wood chairs with upholstered cushions on them. Another way of enriching the beauty of this cooking place is to have a full white background, such as a white countertop, a stainless steel sink, with White Island which can seat six to seven people comfortably. Big counter stools or bar stools usually swivel type can be preferred which can let the people continue their conversation without interruption if the home owner really loves to socialize. If some chandeliers are hung from the top it would make the room as beautiful as a picture. If a nice flower pot is placed in the middle of the island, it would influence the mood of the people and keep them glad for hours.

It would be pretty innovative to have a blue kitchen with black and white tiles and a semicircle shaped kitchen countertop. Dining table made of glass put in the corner of the room would give a classy look to the cooking room along with blue bar stools. Recessed blue cabinets can be built to decorate to give a charming look to the room. Similarly, red color can be tried to give a new style to the cooking room. Appealing paintings can be hung in any nook of the kitchen to add to the good looks of the room. Kitchens having a French door which allows occupants to see the sceneries outside would be a very good idea because it would bring the serene beauty of outside greeneries inside the kitchen cabin!

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