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Oak Dining Chair   A Sturdy but stylish companion of a Dining Table

Oak Dining Chair A Sturdy but stylish companion of a Dining Table

A dining table is completed with its counterparts, Dining Chairs. They share the same styles, and are made of same materials. they are complementary of each other.

Use of oak wood in making Dining Chair

In middle ages, English people made it prestigious to make dining tables and chairs with  Oak wood. Solid oak wood is a dense, strong hardwood which lasts long and can resist insect and fungal attack. Till today Oak wood dining table and chairs are owners pride.

Types of oak used in making Dining Chairs

There are various types oak wood which are usually used in contemporary and modern dining  chairs.

  • Natural oak wood, one of the most prevalent form of oak wood, has a natural brown color running through it.
  • Tiger Oak wood, is a brown oak, but is much stripier.
  • Pippy Oak has a cat’s paw look on its surface.
  • Burr Oak wood has a similar appearance to Pippy Oak wood, but more denser than Pippy Oak.
  • Bog Oak wood is the rarest type of oak wood, dark in color. Its rarity is often reflected in its price.

 Style and shape of oak dining chairs

In present times, we, the family members spend only breakfast and dinner times together. So it is of chief importance that we must feel comfortable with the chairs, we sit on. Not only that dining table and dining chairs contributes much to the beauty and dignity of a dining room. Oak wood chairs are strong and solid enough to provide adequate support to our back and shoulders. Oak dining chairs come in an extensive range of styles, from modern oak dining chairs designs, through to more ethnic rustic oak designs. Whether contemporary or customary, all chairs should be made to the same high quality standards by expert craftsmen. The nice grain of the solid oak wood can be improved by the design of the oak chairs to polish the natural shine of oak wood . The oak chairs should be completed with natural furniture wax. Yearly this wax should be reapplied over the oak dining chairs for three or four to ensure that the oak dining chairs keeps its stunning looks for many years to come.

Regular maintenance of Oak Dining Chairs

 Oak Dining Chairs  need regular maintenance

  • Vacuum the upholstery daily and spray clean it weekly
  • Wipe the oak wood with a dry clean piece of cloth to clean the dust
  • Reapply the natural wax over oak to maintain its polished looks.

A dining furniture set made up of  oak  is a symbol of style , status and taste of its possessor. In Middle Ages English people made the oak furniture famous over the world. Till date we are keeping up their style statement by placing a beautiful oak dining table and chairs in our dining room.

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