Saturday , 3 November 2018

Office design ideas a playfield of innovative minds

Office design idea walked a long way from gawky looked cubicles to open space, airy, colorful office space. Today’s interior decorators consider that seating arrangements enhance the working attitude of the office stuffs.

A brief History of Office designing Ideas

 In Early 1900 an American engineer Frederick Taylor was the first person to think about the design of office space. He was obsessed with efficiency of the workers so he gathered workers together in a totally open environment. The bosses looked on the subordinates from  their private offices. His office design was much like today’s factory floor.

In 1960s according to The German “office landscape” concept management was no longer confined in executive suites. It enforced a side by side arrangement of working areas for clerks to make their conversation easier.

In late 1960s  Herman Miller  pioneered to create a new design , called ‘cubicle ‘ for office design. He invented  the first modular furniture system, with short dividers and flexible office chairs.

It is an extreme cubicle concept. As the ranks of middle managers increased, a new class of employee was born. Sea of cubicles ware arranged to accommodate these managers.

Networking system in present days

It encourages sociability by creating systems with movable, semi-enclosed shells and connected desks whose shape divide the work areas. Its large tables have low dividers that close the personal space but don’t bar the personal calls.

Ideas to design the workspace creatively

  • Color

It has been proven to influence the human brain. A gloomy, colorless office can cause your employees to feel boring and lose attention in the task at hand. Splashes of colors enough to kindle an enthusiasm and to reviving up employees.

  • Nature-inspired

A dearth of natural light has an adverse effect on people. It can leave the employees feeling stressed and disorganized. Try to choose light fittings, similar to natural light, if you do not have a lot of windows. Else please keep a good number of windows in wall and let fresh air in. Some companies already integrate their office architecture and build into nature, creating a calm environment where minds become free and energetic.

  • Games and Activities

Our brains cannot work evenly and swiftly all along the day. Hence some fun distractions are needed as breaks throughout the day. For this reason, more companies are keeping built-in game rooms or a simple tennis table, dart board to compensate people for their hard work. A refreshing mental breaks and conversation with colleagues have been proven to raise productivity of employees during the office hours.

 So there are lots of small things and innovative ideas can change the office environment and make it more suitable for working long without being exhausted.

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