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Office Desk –  a world of creativity and imagination

Office Desk – a world of creativity and imagination

Nowadays, our office environments are far more social, friendly and creative than ever before. They do believe in creative looks rather than awe inspiring, monotone, gawky, confined environment. Designer furniture do a lot to change the ambience of the office. Office desks contribute most to change office atmosphere, to feel comfortable, enthusiast and challenging for our daily work.

Utility of office desk

Different types of office desks are needed to fulfill different purposes.  Some of them are used to save space and give an incredible artistic look for the room. Some of the desks are appropriate for well-spaced rooms that very artistically emphasize the larger area. There are some transformable desks that can metamorphose from a small workstation to a conferential table. They vary in size, design and material to suit your taste and need.

Creative Designs of office desks

The Covet Desk

It has a good compartment under the desk, to hold stacks of papers and files. It helps you keep your desktop clear. In spite of the underneath desk, the sitting arrangement is comfortable.

The Reindeer Desk

A graceful shape of a deer is molded artistically into an exquisitely beautiful white desk. It offers plenty space for creating, writing or reading.

The Duplex Workspace Desk

It is useful in crowded area to concentrate on own work. Having an ash finished surface and a Japanese hand held fan like hood and artistically twisted legs, the desk serves you privacy in a peopled area.

The WD Desk

This sleek but trendy desk comes with two variations: white and black. It has a swirl pattern on one side. Simple, clean lines make this desk suitable for a modern office. A small platform, underneath, holds files and stacks of papers.

The Treasury Table

This is a special purpose desk which is equipped with different size of drawers from small to A2 format.  A shining mat surfaced glass desk keeps the things hidden underneath. It can be used as a desk or to keep tools in the garage.

The Wave Desk

This new slightly undulating desk is created with the help of a new technique called “slicing the wood”. Twin towers of sliced wood uphold a large poplar surface. Drawers and a nested work surface are integrated in the design.

 The Villa Rose Desk

It is created with black colored solid oak with minimum lines. Beautiful features like the single solid walnut storage slot and the hand-finished edges of the legs speak of beauty as well as efficacy.

The Max Ingrand Desk

The Max Ingrand Desk is created from a single continuous stainless steel sheet bended into a whole seat-inclusive workstation. It is celebrated for industrial-chic look and optimum utilization of space.

Overall office desk do a lot to make the office environment comfy, trendy and smart. Creative designers make them beautiful and useful to modernize the office environment.

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