Saturday , 3 November 2018

Organize your bedroom in a clutter free manner with under bed storage

Organize your bedroom in a clutter free manner with under bed storage

If you are staying in a small sized apartment with a small bedroom or limited storage options available .The best area to add more storage in a small sized bedroom is the area under the bed which can be converted into under bed storage option easily. There are so many items which you can easily put under the bed like seasonal clothing , shoes to get a clean look in the room. It is a cheap method to easily add storage options in the limited area only.

You bed height should not be very high as there are various storage options available in the market with few inches height only and it can be easily adjusted under the bed. First, measure the height of the bed from the ground and after that visit a local supermarket to check what can be used to store items under your bed.

If the different containers which you are planning to keep under the bed are visible from every corner of the room, then choose something which is stylish in looks like wicker baskets which can be chosen as per the color of the bed, bed sheet or the theme color of the room. There are some dresses drawers available in the market which you can easily put under the bed and roll out when required. Even plastic containers can be used for storing small items separately under the bed. You can keep cloth , extra linen or  kids toys , shoes to store easily under the bed.

Getting wooden storage box under the bed can be a tedious job as to search for a matching look with same look can be difficult after so many years of buying the bed. Such storage options are inexpensive and easy to apply without much research or planning. The plastic under bed storage options are easy to clean without much maintenance in the long run. With the help of a damp cloth you can easily clean the drawers or trays used to store the items under the bed.

Plastic storage boxes are the best one out of the available options which can be used to store toys, cloth or even food items too. It is an affordable solution for storage problem which can be done in no time only. The plastic containers are available in different sizes and style which can be easily slid under the bed to organize your stuff. It can be used to organize and store important documents also as it can be prevented from being crushed or damaged due to moisture. Children can easily put their toys in the plastic containers and are safe for children to use due to unavailability of any sharp edges or harmful material.

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