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Patio Design – A decorative recess of a stylish residence

Patio Design – A decorative recess of a stylish residence

Patio is derived from a Spanish word ‘Patjo’ means courtyard. Basically it is an outdoor open space used for dining or entertainment. It adjoins a house and is ornamentally paved.


Patios are most usually paved with concrete or stone slabs which are also known as  paving flags. Patios can also be paved with bricks, block paving, tiles or cobbles.

How to create a Patio

A beautiful patio is a symbol of possessor’s taste and beauty. It glorifies a solitary recess of your garden.  A few ides of creating your own patio are discussed below.

Reach into underutilized recess

Convert solitary areas in your courtyard into a warm patio by using handsome furnishings, lively fabrics, and beautifully planted containers. Though this area was planned as a patio space, patios can be located anywhere you can create a floor from brick, curbstones, wood chips, or cobbles.

Keep it Cozy

Everyone needs a solitary spot for sharing quiet tete-a-tete with a friend or reading a good book. A few cushioned chairs and a small table for drinks glasses and books are required to create a good patio. If you place those things in a green garden and add a small fountain, you will get a vibrant patio.

Create Calm and quiet nook

Patios should be a recess that offers a calm interval from busy work schedules for weeks. Put on natural colors; arrange some spare furniture, and a bounty of plantings to paint tranquil scenes that match your relaxing and amusing needs. Select weatherproof furniture and fabrics for low maintenance and cultivate a good numbers of plantings in painted containers.

Use good fabrics and decorative furniture

Elegant homes demand sophisticated outdoor furniture. This covered patio celebrates its view with a unique dining set in combination with glittering chairs with a table made from an engraved base and a glass top. Hang a gold plated mirror on an outer wall that is positioned near your patio. Paint timber chairs with a pretty metallic finish and turn fine outdoor fabrics into pillows and headrests to adorn chairs and couches.

Use creative blocks

A front yard patio can be made up of concrete blocks heaped up as end tables and couches. Bricked blocks can be positioned in such a way that they provide storage for collections of book, magazines, other reading materials, and extra picnic stuffs.

Give your solitary recesses of your home and garden a decorative look that will be a sign of your good taste and style. Your guests and visitors will be pleased and amazed with the beauty and uniqueness of the corner. Every recess has its own purpose. A decorated patio fulfills your personal longing of privacy as well as a good entertaining time with friends and guests.

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