Saturday , 3 November 2018

Pride lies in Floating bathroom vanity

Pride lies in Floating bathroom vanity

Like living room and bed room design, design of the bathroom is also essential to fit your interior. Actually the design and size of your bathroom will attract your guests. Imagine a guest owe struck by just looking at your bathroom design. In a spacious house, bathroom also should be spacious enough to match the style of your house. There is a huge range of designs to decorate your bathroom. Among them, the floating bathroom vanity is a modern trend. This set of accessories combines cabinet, sink or basin, bench top and mirror.

In your bathroom, set a floating vanity for easy access to toiletries, makeup kit, hair dryer, medication and other products what are essential you think. Cabinet is a combination of shelves and drawers. Modern people want at least one or two clean towels in their bathroom shelves for aesthetic or necessity reasons. New designs and concepts in floating bathroom vanities give you a fresh morning experience with full of energy surrounded.

The benchtop is the flat surface in which the sink or the basin is fixed along the associated pipelines. The cupboard hides the pipelines between the wall and sink. These benchtops were manufactured from stones, marbles, granites, laminates, glass, etc. to suit the bathroom design. The benchtop will be made out of water repellent material as the area is mostly wet. These benchtops will hold one or two sinks. The cabin below benchtop is made either by steal or wood.

The sink is made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel which resists corrosion. The shape of the sink is also identical as the style is determined by selecting an appropriate model to be fit your bathroom interior. It is common in nowadays that two sinks set in a vanity, so, two persons can use the vanity at the same time, no need for a quarrel to use bathroom first in a late morning.

The vanity comes in different shape, size, style, design because of the modern advancements in manufacturing technologies. The style can be traditional, classic, French and whatever you think. Whatever may be the design, the proportion of vanity is essential. Some designs may have curves or edges, single door or double door cabinet, vertical or horizontal mirrors.

Ultimately the colour or patterns in a floating bathroom vanity is an eye-turner. Matching the colour of floor tiles and wallpapers is also should be noticed. Antique or modern, whichever it may be the design of your bathroom, the central view point of your bathroom is the vanity. Using a vanity set helps in freeing up the space in bathroom. The cabinet gives the perfect place for many things that are to be kept in bathroom. It provides more free space in bathroom, thus it makes your bathroom look like a larger one.

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