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Pros and cons of using different tile floor designs

Pros and cons of using different tile floor designs

Can anyone imagine a supermodel without any lipstick? Just like that a grandeur building without an exquisite tile floor design is likely to create a dull look to the house. So an attractive tile floor is an indispensable part of any building plan. No matter whether a building is new or is going to get renovated, careful selection of the design which best suits the walls of the room needs some idea about these floor cover designs .Even if an extensive or in depth knowledge is not necessary, knowing something would help anybody to select a workable design .Selection of the tiles with little knowledge would cost a lot for the owner because of the constant costly replacements he is going to make. The designs which hide stains or are easily washable are widely preferred.

There are different types of tiles available based on the material with which they are made. They are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, glass tiles, and metal and mosaic tiles. Ceramic ones are made of clay, minerals and water. They last longer than any other floor cover and consume less time for maintenance. Usually these tiles are water resistant and are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Porcelain tiles are relatively cheap when compared to other type of tiles. They don’t wear away quickly and are water resistant. Stone tiles are normally made of mosaic, limestone and coral stone. One of the good features of these types of materials is they can be polished again and again but can’t resist stains or chemical. They are materials which appear in nature, so no two stones are equal in shape and size. The maintenance cost is high in these types of materials.

The beauty of glass mosaics is unbeatable by any other type of tile. They are easy to maintain because if these tiles are stained it is visible clearly and can be wiped off immediately. It is enough to use warm water and some soap to clean up these tiles. But they are very costly and difficult to install. Metal tiles are strong enough to resist stain and damage. They not only add beauty to the room, but also easy to install. They will not shelter disease causing bacteria and viruses to dwell in the house. But they become extremely cold and are susceptible to corrosion by acids. Since metal are good conductors of electricity, installing them can be risky if a live wire happen fall off from its socket. Wood flooring gives a pleasing look for any room and also smooth on the legs but are easily damaged by termites.

Living room is a preface to the occupant’s character. So ceramic floor stylized designs suits well for such rooms which give a neutral and charming look .Ceramic floor tiles are commonly used in the kitchens and bathrooms. Wooden floor tiles can be used in bedrooms. Whatever may be the floor tile design chosen, it has a fixed life period after which it has to be replaced.

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