Friday , 12 October 2018

Safe and Secure File Cabinets

Safe and Secure File Cabinets

Managing official or academic files is always a tough task. It is obvious that everybody has this habit of misplacing or forgetting documents in office or house. If you missed a file or document, your senior officer will take this as a chance to show his superiority. To avoid such things, you need a systematic order in arranging and organising files. For such procedure, you need a lot of space to maintain a large number of files in your place. But there are newer ways to keep your files arranged.  It became easy and possible with the advent of file cabinets.

File cabinet….! Or is it a Locker?

A file cabinet is a mini rectangular shaped cupboard with storage space for your daily using files or valuable property document files. You can store numerous files with your own custom system filing or alphabetical or chronological. They are available in different size and colour for your choice. Letter or legal sized cabinets are the standard sizes of the filing cabinets.

How it is different from a Cupboard?

 For your compatibility, they come in many types like movable, detachable and attachable and even colour coded for your easy access. If you are maintaining an archive of documents, you need many numbers of cabinets to store a great amount of file folders. Though the cabinets are numbered or named, it is easier to locate a particular coloured cabinet. The movable file cabinets enable you the mobility of selected files from store room to office reception, it will save your precious time during audit sessions. If you consider your interior decoration will be ruined if you place a steal cabinet in your office, go for a wooden one which will add beauty to your interior.

Safety and Security

The most important task of file management is safety and security. Files that have confidential and financial values must be safeguarded. It will help you in securing those files with little cost. They have individual and central locking system. With this central locking, you can use only one key to access set of drawers in a cabinet. If you worry about losing your documents in a fire or other calamities, don’t hesitate to spend little more, get a fire proof file cabinets which can withstand more than 1500 degrees of Fahrenheit, and impact of thirty feet drop.

What should be noticed?

When you are buying, few things must be noticed. First, decide what type of file cabinet suits to your place, vertical or lateral. Select appropriate one to be accommodated. Check whether the drawer opens and closes smoothly. Otherwise you have to do a tug of war to access your files. And check whether the cabinet comes with an interlocking system which prevents opening multiple drawers at the same time.

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