Friday , 12 October 2018

Small bathroom remodeling ideas

Small bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathtub design:

Bigger is not always better. Before buying a bathtub, sit in it. Does it provide all ease and comfort that you always wanted? If yes, check out its other fixtures. If you have small space area, go with extra deep one.

Wall decoration:

A wall makes any interior appear beautiful without much effort. With wall decoration, you can do as many variations as you want. You can decorate it by wall-art, wall-poster, and can simply paint it.

Flooring selection:

A bathroom demandsa durable and water resistance flooring. Ceramic, stone tiles, marbles are good choice for any bathroom. Select the design of floor that exactly matches with the wall decoration.

Hang a mirror:

Mirror givesa complete look to bathrooms. Hang a designer, framed mirror over a sink. Consider installing a lighted mirror, for good appearance.

Install lighting that works:

Lighting shows your actual beauty. Combine halogen pot lights over the mirror lighting. Tend to install dimmers, it always give a beautiful look.

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