Saturday , 3 November 2018

Small Dresser  All good things come in small packages

Small Dresser All good things come in small packages

All good things come in small packages. Furniture is no different. Introducing the Small dresser – a boon for people with a lot of clothes but very limited space. The small dresser, as the name rightly suggests, the right choice for you. You can stack all your stuff into the dresser which takes up very limited space. A simple dresser can bring a lot of order to your house.


Hidden at a remote corner, it has shelves that can be used to stow away your clothes. Depending on the type of clothes, you can choose the shelf. Pick the bottom one to put your shoes and socks; the top one for your inners, essentials and ties and the second one for the shirts and trousers.  All your stuff conveniently stored into the dresser. You can also use the top of the dresser to put your mirror and the make-up items.  This converts this small dresser into your personal fashion corner. Or, you can stack books on the top of the drawer to make it your personal library.


Dressers come in all shapes and sizes. Take care to measure the place where you want to place the dresser and choose one with the right dimensions. The dressers come in various sizes making them fit into any room be it a huge master bedroom or a narrow hall. The construct of the dressers can be chosen to match the interiors of the house. The solid pine gives an earthy natural look while redwood looks sophisticated and suave. For those who don’t want costly wooden ones, synthetic and plywood options are also available. The handles of the dressers can be chosen to match your style. It can either have golden or metallic finish to add to the décor.


Take special care to choose the right combination of drawers. The drawers of a dresser can be configured as well. In the same dresser, you can have smaller drawers at the top to store your jewellery and bigger ones at the bottom to store the clothes. The choices are plenty and all it needs is a moment of thought before the purchasing decision is made.  Dressers with locks provide the additional security to secure your valuables.

Meditate on your needs to visualize the uses you foresee. Imagine yourself picking the clothes, jewels and footwear from various drawers. Configure your drawer according to your specific needs. A drawer is a long term investment and a very functional accessory to your house. Give a moment to choose the right one, with the right configuration, with the right color and with the right material.

All good things in life come in small packages… and, the small dresser is no different.

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