Saturday , 3 November 2018

Small Office design to increase work productivity

Small Office design to increase work productivity

Work from home was an alien concept during the good olden days. But now that concept is quite common because of the advent of the internet. There are many pros and cons of working from home. One can fix flexible working hours, choose an office design of one’s own choice. On the contrary distractions can keep people from working effectively. So the small office design layout should be in such a way that it increases efficiency and productivity.

Planning is the key to success for setting up a small office. There are certain relevant factors to be taken into consideration before selecting the small office design.

  • The nature of work to be done
  • Whether clients will visit the office
  • Size of the storage space
  • Whether the work is done through video conferencing etc.

One significant thing is to use a living room or any other less commonly used space to set up an office. This will help to filter away distractions while at work. It will help the clients to sit and have a chat comfortably so that they get serviced royally. The next important thing is about the space dedicated for storage. Every needed things should be clubbed in one space for easy retrieval. A simple table and a chair are enough if the work does not need a storage space. The desk will hold a laptop and a simple pencil holder or a tray can hold pens, pencils and other necessary accessories. If the nature of work is like providing legal services, a table with multiple desks is needed. It should be made of fireproof material. If the work is done through video conferencing, the office should be attractive to create a positive impact on the employers because there is seldom any chance to meet them personally. They get a positive sign about one’s character from the layout or arrangement of the home office. Hanging an awesome picture on the wall or having neatly arranged shelves with modern design would be enough to create favorable opinion.

The next thing which needs attention is the wall color. The walls should be painted in such a way that it tickles the psychological emotions of the people. Green is an exquisite and a neutral color. It will make the room lively and increase concentration. Attributing dedicated time for work is an attitude which leads to success in the case of people working from home. Fix a time for it and work daily during those hours. In spite of the fact that most of the work is done during the night hours fixing a time during the day is better because the clients feel it  the appropriate time to contact. A wall clock can be hung in the small office will facilitate people  to complete the work on time. Last thing which deserves attention is the availability of natural light in the room. If the table is arranged near the window it will permit ample of light and fresh air to flow through the tiny office room.

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