Saturday , 3 November 2018

Taking A Look At Modern Console Tables

Taking A Look At Modern Console Tables

Console tables are meant to offer mounted space near the wall or the corner of a room to place your home decor and other necessary stuff that you need on a daily basis. Instead of hanging them to nails on the wall or simply resting them on the couch or the table, modern console tables provide a desirable resting place for all these items. Additionally, they help rejuvenate the look of your room. It makes it look more tidy and clean. At times you can also place more stuff beneath the table as a part of a decor or extensions of something.


The latest offerings are always the hybrids of wood and metal as their base materials. Sometimes the wood can be the base material along with manufactured wood as the finish. Most of the furnishing opt for glossy finish made from veneer, lacquer or light textured surfaces for a subtle desirable roughness. Metal tubes offer lightweight solutions for the stands of the table, whose seat is made of MDF. The metal tubes can be squared or rounded like cylinder. It helps in making the overall furniture easy to carry around without compromising with its durability.

Modern Constructs

Apart from these choices you will also find glass composites with subtle wooden or metal supports. These are stylish and bring a more premium feel. These can be one piece or two piece rack solutions. The glass legs are made of toughened glass to provide support for up to 50lbs. The metal or the wooden top is for placing your stuff. The see through glass legs make it look quite spacious and serves as the perfect solution for cramped corners in the room. This can be an extremely chic piece of addition to your decor. There are pieces which provide more space with multiple shelves. You can get a rustic contemporary style with modern design. Dark mahogany wooden shelves and contrasting black powder coated metal legs give it a look of complete wooden construct. These are usually called china fir shelves. It also does not feel much heavy at just 29lbs compared to glass ones that can go up to 49lbs.

Another good thing about modern console tables is that they specifically list the specifications of the product comprising of the materials used for its construction to the maximum weight it can support, whether it is sensitive to water or any other household chemicals used for cleansing. These help you make an informed decision. You also know the dimensions exactly so that you can plan ahead of its purchase. The best start would be an online survey so that you have an idea of the latest offerings in the market and then make your purchase.

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