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Tiffany lamp -an example of artistic excellence

Tiffany lamp -an example of artistic excellence

Tiffany lamp is a beautiful magnum opus of Louis Comfort Tiffany. It was first produced by him and his craftsmen during the 19th century. It is an attractive lamp with a glass shade. This glass shade has an eye catching design on it. Different types of floral designs, geometric shapes, insects or human images are found in these lamps. The most famous design is a dragonfly design. Small pieces of hand cut glasses are soldered together with the help of a copper foil to create designs on the top of the glass shades. When illuminated by a bulb in it, it created a variety of colors. These shades are usually round or cone in shape.

These lamps come are available at different prices. They vary from less than a hundred dollars to millions of dollars. The Antique ones have always been very costly whereas tiffany style lamps are relatively cheaper. Tiffany style lamps are reproductions made from original lamps. Authentic lamps are auctioned in different art markets. One of the recent auctions was held on 19th May 2015 by Sotheby which fetched nearly 8 million dollars. It was a one owner collection auction in which a single floor lamp was sold for 1million US dollars.

The Different kinds of lamps are available such as pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps. The Pendant lamps are hanging lamps in which the lamps are hung with a single chain or a rope and has wire in them. The glass shade is hung at the bottom of the rope or the chain. They give light to only a small portion of the room. They can be fitted in any room of a house to get an elevated look. Whether the aim is to add beauty to a reading table or to provide extra light for reading tiffany table lamps can be used. They have multicolored stained glass shades with metal base and bronze finish. One of the models has a chain light switch to light the room, according to the occupant’s mood. Next is the floor lamps which are tall lamps which illuminate even the corners of the room. They spread light better than pendant lamps or table lamps. They also have a metal base and a bronze finish.

Even though this lamp was born in the US, it has become famous in many parts of the world. Originally the Tiffany’s idea was to add style to the every American home. But now he has added style to homes throughout the globe. But to spot an original one is very difficult. Lamps, with bronze base is considered as authentic ones even though there are many lamps with wooden, plastic, brass or zinc bases. The real ones are the ones produced and sold by Tiffany studios. They used high quality glass made by them in their studio. Another important way to check the genuineness is the age of these lamps. If they are 50 years old or more they are more likely to be  the original ones.

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