Friday , 12 October 2018

To be the Saints of Paints DIY Canvas Painting

To be the Saints of Paints DIY Canvas Painting

Your DIY canvas painting does not require that you should have finished a degree in Fine Arts. It is not. The task can be very simple. All you need is an empty canvas (or the one looks like so) or more than one (in some rare cases of creativity). And, along with the canvas, you need materials to fill the empty spaces and convert them into a state of more importance than they were once. It is not a strict rule that your filling materials should be only the coloring articles that they sell in stationery shops. Such articles can range from your spoiled chutney to the grease leaked out of your automobile engine. Yes, as you catch the point!

The color of your canvas need not be compulsorily in white. They can be in varied spectrum of colors. If a sack is your canvas, what will you do? Expect that there can be any color. And also, like the sack, your canvas’ texture may differ. So, be ready to do anything with whatever the canvas you are end up with. There can be some people among you, who are well-endowed with the gift of creativity. So, they may wish to do their DIY canvas painting on the one which of unusual size (ranging from the one that could hide an entire house from the sun rays to the canvas sizes which are hard to see without a microscope) or of unusual object (you can turn an entire wall of your house into a canvas, or you consider your car as your canvas, and do the painting as a part of decorating it).

Remember, choose the color that brings out the hidden beauty of the canvas. Instead of using colour paints, you can use the patterns to be pasted on the canvas (though it is still called as DIY canvas painting). You can do the painting with your hand, with a machine, or you can do it with a stamp. The stamps that you carve come in handy while you attempt to make patterns.

As already said, you need not be an artist for this kind of task. You either draw something with whatever skill of artistry you have or you simply make you plain canvas beautiful by applying various patterns of dots, lines and shapes. There are people who do not go only for the beauty in the picture; they may also want to include some message or personal opinions on the canvas.

After all, whence your canvas is finished, you can hang it on your wall or anywhere you want. You can even split your finished canvas into several pieces and organize them together to give a different look. (Just an idea!)

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